Fleek Brands Inc.

Résumé Designs & LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Do you need your résumé or LinkedIn Profile to stand out in today’s highly competitive job market?  If so, let us redesign your current résumé template or build one from scratch.  We also possess the knowledge needed to fully optimize your LinkedIn Profile to help recruiters easily find you.  Contact us today!

What do we do?

Our Unique Services

Fleek Brands Inc. is a non-profit organization that specializes in providing the following services for high school students, young professionals, and transitioning military personnel:

Customized Résumé Writing Designs

  • Cover Letters
  • Résumés 
  • Résumé Folders 
  • Thank You Letters
  • Networking Cards


Professional Networking

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Professional Networking Strategies

Interview Preparation 

  • Company Research 
  • Elevator Speech Preparation
  • Follow-up Tactics

Public Speaking

  • Body Language Interpretation 
  • Vocal Tonality 
  • Effective Listening

Community Focused!




Fleek Brands Inc. has a mission to:

Foster equal career growth opportunities by providing access to affordable résumé writing & professional development tools needed to excel in today’s competitive job market.




Fleek Brands Inc. has a vision to:

Become an esteemed professional development asset by demonstrating responsible stewardship through the eyes of our community leaders, educational associates, clients, and supporting affiliates.


Our Philosophy

Fleek Brands Inc. provides the tools needed to represent a genuinely notable personal brand in a highly competitive job market.